Is it possible to live on a Sailing Yacht all year around

Living on a Yacht and being surrounded by water in all directions is so cool and amazing. The out of this world experience draws people towards living in a Yacht immediately. If you ask me is it actually possible for someone to live on a boat, the simple answer is Yes and the more complicated and in-depth answer is this article. All you need to do is just keep reading to know more. 

Like people say, having a home to come back to is amazing, taking your home on the journey is what people are getting into nowadays. Just imagine how amazing it would be to sail wherever you want and bring your home with it. The first thing we will be looking at in this article is, is it possible to live on a sailboat, its advantages, and disadvantages. 

Can you actually live on a sailing boat year-round? 

It does take a little bit of commitment and compromise but it’s absolutely possible for you to live on a sailboat. Surprisingly, one of the major reasons why people tend to live on a Yacht is when it gets cold in one region, they can easily move to the warmer waters. 

In some cold places, the winder temperature can drop to -20 degrees which is way out of what a boat can handle, the temperature is horrible to experience on the water. The heating system nor the insulation is anywhere near an actual house. This is the reason, people tend to move to warmer areas when it gets warm in one area. 

Ice cold weather is not actually preferred by most people so being able to move to a warmer place when it gets cold is a wonderful opportunity that most people don’t get. Not all aspects of such life are wonderful, like everything in this world, there are a few downsides to living in a sailboat as well. So, consider these downsides and advantages before getting your next home from ZeBoats

Pros and cons of living on a sailing boat 

We are just mentioning the basic advantages and disadvantages of lifestyle on the water. Some aspects that interest you might not be the same case for others. Yes, without wasting your time anymore I am now going to get into the Pros or advantages of living on a Yacht. 



In the times when Individuals found happiness in materialistic possessions, minimalism had brought great changes in the lives of people. Bigger is better is not what most of the population is into nowadays. Living in a small amount of space gives people the opportunity to buy limited things. 

No matter how much an ardent shopper you are, once you move into a smaller space, you will definitely stop buying things just for buying them. Not only buying them, but you will also need to declutter what you have to move into a small space. Living in a small space gives you the opportunity to always be around the people you love. 

If you are living in a lavish house, you and your family are in their own rooms minding their own business, why do you even have to live together when you are not gonna spend at least a few minutes of the day together. When space is minimized, without even knowing it, you will get way closer to your family. 

You will end up loving each other more than materialistic possessions. And what is more lovely than just stepping out your door and seeing the calm and wide waters. 

The amount of freedom you have 

one thing is that you can live wherever you want, your life is not restricted to your apartment or house. Wherever you find water, you can go out there along with your house.

No matter where you are, Individuals always have the feeling to go back to their house after a particular event is done. But with a water residence, the opportunities are endless, you can be wherever you want along with your house. 


I can aggressively go on and on about the cost of living in the major cities. An average one-bedroom tiny apartment costs fortunes. Okay, I have no place inside, well I would be happy if I had a little bit of area to sit, outside my door. Well, guess what, there is none. 

If you pay tons of money for a tiny apartment that has no balcony, a water residence is 100 times better. Yes, the inner area is a bit congested but the amount of peace you feel when you look outside is unbelievable. 


Shortage of space 

If you are someone above 6 feet, oh boy, you got a lot of ducking. Just get used to ducking while walking here and there. Some water communities offer land storage for residents but that’s usually very small to fit any of your stuff and are usually in great demand. 

You should not even think about large refrigerators or lavish coffee tables and sofas because all of that ain’t going to fit. You’ve minimized the furniture but there is one more thing that you are going to be decluttering. I hate to break it to you but you have to declutter your closet as well. You can necessarily have one big cupboard for your clothes. So, before getting your boat from ZeBoats, consider clearing out your closet first. 

You ain’t gonna get any privacy 

In most of the water communities, houses are parked 10 feet apart. And when the homes are really small, opening doors and windows help lighten and widen the space a little. So, when every resident has their doors and windows wide open, you are not going to have any privacy.

Considering the fact that you have a 10 feet gap between each house, you are going to hear every argument they have. If you have a bigger Yacht, they can stay at larger distances from the neighborhood. But a big Yacht and further away parking does cost a lot. 

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