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Safety tips

Many people enjoy using the services of online classified ad website ZeBoats and lots of users in major cities said they have great and satisfactory experience. While many people enjoy their success, some are trying to scam other people. We receive reports from active users that some members, especially the new ones, are trying to execute fraudulent activities using ZeBoats services.

Worried that our members could fall into scam traps, we came up with the safest way to protect our users from being scammed or robbed-off. For this, we strongly suggest you to get things done by meeting someone you want to deal with in person and not just doing it all online.

We listed below all major precautionary points that will help you and your business stay safe. This information could also help you identify a threat that might be presented in front of you in no time. To avoid getting scammed, The Number One and Golden Rule to stay safe and avoid being a victim of scammers 99% of the times is to meet the person and deal face-to-face and locally.

A Note for the Sellers Though ZeBoats is proficiently delivering online classifieds service for thousands of the things but sellers must understand that it ZeBoats is not the place to advertise everything.

Sellers must double check the A-Z list of items that are not allowed to get posted on ZeBoats. In case, you posted one such advert and paid a fee too for featuring your ad, you certainly wouldn't get a refund when we take down the advert from the website due to quality breach.

We are traying to make ZeBoats a best place to advertise but we also need everyone's cooperation for the safety and quality of the classified ad community.